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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

For Those Whose English Little Little.....

Part 1

Now Listen To The Condition Of The Disobedient Person. Allah Ta ’Aala
Instructs Malakulmaut: "Go To My Enemy And Bring His Soul. I, Gave
Him Everything In Abundance. I Showered My Bounties Upon Him From All Four Sides In The World And Yet He Was Disobedient To Me. Bring Him So That I May Punish Him."Malakulmaut Approaches Him In A Very Frightening Form. In This Form He Has Twelve Eyes. He Holds A Very Thick And Huge Iron Club Made From The Fire Of Jahannum

Which Is With Thorns. He Has Five Hundred Angels Under His Command. They Bring A Large Blade Of Copper With Them. They Hold Big And Huge
Burning Charcoals(kayu dari api neraka..huhuhu) Of Jahannum In Their Hands And Whips Of Blazing Fire.

As Soon As Malakul Maut Approaches Him He Hits Him With The
Thick And Huge Iron-Club, The Thorns Of Which Peretrate Into Every Vein(sume saluran darah ke jantung nih) And Fibre of His. Then He Pulls It Out.

The Other Angels Begin To Strike His Face And Hips With Their Whips Causing Him To Become Unconscious. Thereafter, They Extract His Soul From The Toes Of His Feet And Stop It In His Heels And Begin Whipping Him.

Then They Extract It From The Heels And Stop It In The Knees. They Extract The Soul From Hair And Stop It At Various Places In Order To Cause Pain And Difficulty to Him For A Longer Prriod. They Stop The Soul In The Stomach And From Here They Extract It Until It Reaches The Chest. The Angels Then Place The Copper And The Blazing Charcoal Of Jahannum Under His Chin(bahagian depan gigi sebelah bawah).

There After, Malakul Maut Says: "0 Accursed Soul! Come Out And
Proseed To That Jahannum Which Has Been Described As Follows:

"In Such A Fire, Boiling Water And A Cloud Of Black Smoke Which Will
Not Be Coaled Nor Will It Give Comfort (Rather It Will Be Very Painful)."
[Surah Waaqi’ah]

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